Niloy Mitra (7995)

Organization: University College London
Address: 66-72 Gower Street, Dept. Computer Sc., UCL London
WC1E6BT London
Country: UK
Telephone: +44 20 3108 7115
Fax: +44 20 7387 1397
Niloy Mitra leads the Smart Geometry Processing group in the Department of Computer Science at University College London (UCL). He received his Ph.D. degree from Stanford University under the guidance of Leonidas Guibas. His research interests include shape understanding, computational design, geometry processing, and more generally in computer graphics. Niloy received the ACM Siggraph Significant New Researcher Award in 2013 and the BCS Roger Needham Award in 2015. His work has twice been selected and featured as research highlights in Communication of ACM. He was an associate editor for ACM Transactions on Graphics from 2012-2017 and is currently an associate editor for Computer Graphics Forum. More details can be found at: