Michela Spagnuolo (7428)

Address: Via De Marini 6
16149 Genova
Country: Italy
Email: michela.spagnuolo@ge.imati.cnr.it
I am Research Director of the National Research Council (CNR) and currently Director of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies "E. Magenes" (IMATI). My area of specialization concerns geometric and topological methods for the representation, comparison, and characterization of 3D shapes, used for manipulation and analysis of digital or digitized objects. Author of over 180 peer-reviewed scientific publications and one book on mathematical methods for the analysis of shapes, I am associate editor of five important international journals of Computer Graphics, and I carried out an intense editorial activity through the promotion and publication of special issues of international journals. I have held the role of Program Chair of 18 international conferences in the field of shape modelling and analysis, and I was chair of EUROGRAPHICS 2019, organized in Genova, and recently of the Geometry Summit 2023, event proposed every four years by the geometry processing community. I am founding member of the workshop series 3D Object Retrieval – 3DOR, active since 2008 and part of the Eurographics workshop series. I was member of the Eurographics conference committees for various tracks (programme, tutorials, STAR), and I was elected EUROGRAPHICS Fellow in 2014, and member of the Executive Committee in 2020. I was then invited to join the Executive Board as second vice-president starting in 2021.

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