Ursula Augsdörfer (6506)

Organization: Graz University of Technology
Address: Inffeldgasse 16c
8010 Graz
Country: Austria
Telephone: 00433168735414
Fax: 00433168735402
Email: u.augsdorfer@cgv.tugraz.at

Since 2010 I have been working at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Knowledge Visualisation at the Faculty for Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering of TU Graz. First, as a Research Associate, then as a Marie-Curie Fellow, then as an Assistant Professor now as Associate Professor. I have a mathematical and engineering background, and today my research interests lie in the areas Computer Aided Geometric Design, geometry processing, isogeometric Analysis and geometric deep learning. I am particularly interested in improving the creation of high-level 3D geometric models.

The years prior to my employment at TU Graz I have lived and worked in England. My former places of work and study include the Graphics and Interaction group at the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, the Centre for Radiation at Birmingham University, and the Simulation Science Centre at DeMontfort University, all situated in the United Kingdom. Today I focused my research on defining a combined approach to modelling and analysis, which will ensure the merging of functionality and aesthetics in product design, an ever growing concern in today's industry.

Overview of my Research

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