Brian Wyvill (5887)

Organization: University of Victoria - Dept. of computer science
Address: PO Box 3055, STN CSC
V8W 3P6 Victoria BC
Country: Canada
Telephone: 250 472 5760
Fax: 250 472 5708

After obtaining a doctorate in Computer Graphics in 1975 from Bradford University, Brian Wyvill worked as a research fellow helping to build a computer animation system at the Royal College of Art in London with Colin Emmett. Colin and Brian used the system for a project for the BBC, and in the Twentieth Century Fox film, "Alien" (a very early example of computer animation in a Hollywood movie.) He then spent four years as an industrial consultant working with organisations such the British Home Office and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation in Vienna. Since the early 1980's, together with his students and fellow researchers, including brother, Geoff Wyvill, he has been building the GraphicsJungle research group at the University of Calgary, computer science department, where he is a full professor. In the last ten years work has centred around the BlobTree implicit animation system. The system is a vehicle for experimenting with new modelling and animation methods.

More recently he has been interested in sketch based modeling, texturing and NPR. Brian started the Canadian Eurographics chapter last year and the first conference Was held in Banff, Alberta as part of CAe 2007. In 2007 Brian moved to the University of Victoria where he holds a tier one Canada Research Chair in graphics.

Papers concerning the latest work are to be found at Brian's website

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