Carlo Enrico Vandoni (4)

Address: EUROGRAPHICS P.O. Box 16
1288 Aire-la-Ville
Country: Switzerland
Carlo Vandoni was born in Milano, Italy, in 1937 and has been living in Switzerland since 1965. He joined Olivetti in 1958, where he participated in the design and programming of the first computers designed and built in Italy and was responsible for the implementation of basic software.He joined CERN in 1965 where has been involved primarily with computer graphics since 1968. He was responsible in the 70's for the design and implementation of SIGMA, a system entirely designed at CERN, specifically to address the computing needs of mathematicians and theoretical physicists. Since 1970 he continued to be involved in activities related to computer graphics and man/machine communication. He served (1994-2001) as Director of the CERN Schools of Computing. In February 2002, Carlo retired from CERN. His research activity produced over 50 papers, mainly on computer graphics and man/machine interaction. One of the founding members of EUROGRAPHICS at the Bologna Conference in 1979, he was the Programme Chairman of the EG'80 and EG'85 Conferences, Programme Co-Chairman of EG'90, and Co-Chair of Eurographics 2000. He also served as Chairman of the Association in 1987-1988. As EUROGRAPHICS Fellow, he was also the Secretary of the Association for over twenty years, as well as Chairman of the Operations Board for a decade. In March 2003, he married Madeleine.

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