László Szirmay-Kalos (3913)

Organization: Budapest Univ. of Technology
Address: Dept. of Control Eng. and Information Tech. Muegyetem krt. 3, Budapest
1111 Budapest
Country: Hungary
Telephone: 361-463-2353
Fax: 361-463-2204
Email: szirmay@iit.bme.hu
László Szirmay-Kalos was graduated from the TU Budapest in 1987, received his PhD degree from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1990. He is a full professor of Computer Graphics from 2001. He spent time at the University of Minesota (USA), Ricoh (Japan), Technical University of Vienna (Austria), University of Girona (Spain), and Aalto University (Finnland). His research interests include photorealistic rendering, real-time effects in games, NPR, Monte Carlo methods, medical imaging (PET), depth image processing. He was the IPC co-chairman of Eurographics two times, served as a associate editor for Computer Graphics Forum and Computers&Graphics. He is the leader of the Hungarian Chapter of Eurographics. He is a fellow of Eurographics.