Jean-Jacques Bourdin (3676)

Organization: Universite Paris 8 (Dept Informatique)
Address: 2 rue de la Liberte
93526 Saint-Denis
Country: France
Telephone: +33/0-149406680
Fax: +33/0-149406783
RESUME Jean-Jacques BOURDIN Born in 1959 near Bordeaux France Diploma and Positions PhD 1989 University Bordeaux 1, Color Shadings in Image Synthesis Habilitation 2000 University Paris 8, dda and speed-up of algorithms From 1981 teacher in different kinds of schools (public/private, technical/general, for children/for adults) 1989-1991 ATER temporary assistant professor University of Poitiers 1991-2002 assistant professor University Paris 8 2002-now full time professor University Paris 8 Research My main research has been in Computer Graphics to develop very fast algorithms. This included color shadings and the computing of straight lines (Jack Bresenham was member of my Habilitation jury). Then I focused more on Virtual Painting. Now I work also on the teaching of Computer Graphics. Selected papers: 1990 Color Shading in 2D Synthesis, EG Montreux. 1999 Fast Lines: A Span by Span Method, EG Milano. 2000 Auto-Adaptive Step Straight-Line Algorithm, IEEE CG&A. 2001 Scalable Impressionist Rendering, EG Manchester, short paper. 2006 Computer Graphics Curriculum: a Programming Approach, EG Vienna, Education paper. 2016 MOOCs and Computer Graphics, EG Lisbon, Education paper. Other activities For my university Elected at the executive committee 2012. Elected at the research committee 2002-2003 and 2005-2008. Elected at the International committee (from 1998). In charge of the undergraduate degree in CS (Licence) 2006-2015. 2002-2014: Treasurer of MICEFA (students exchanges from Paris universities and North-America universities). It is an organization with two full-time employees and an average budget of 300k€ per year. AFIG, French organization in CG. Member of the team that built it and member of the executive committee for 8 years. EUROGRAPHICS EUROGRAPHICS French Chapter. Member of the team that built it and member of the executive committee, treasurer 2003-2014. Education board member. Presence at the ExC in place of our Chapter president 4 times. Education program chair: 2004 Grenoble, 2005 Dublin, 2013 Gerona, 2014 Strasbourg and 2017 Lyon. Co-chair of Workshop on Computer Graphics Education (CGE06) (EUROGRAPHICS-SIGGRAPH) 2006, Vienna.